Flatland Jack Russells

Flatland Jack Russells

Welcome to New Mexico's best Jack Russell Terrier Breeder. Located in Tatum New Mexico. It's an easy drive from Roswell New Mexico or Lubbock Texas. 


I miss you Driscoll

"I am not a dog"
I am not a dog. I am a JACK RUSSELL! I'm half wolverine, half barb wire and all attitude.
I am either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on YOUR attitude.
I can Fight the wildest Raccoon or play with the gentlest child.
I can hunt all day in snow storms, pouring rain or blistering heat and then ask you to throw the ball when we get done.
I will argue with you at every turn. After all, I know what I'm doing and the best way to getter done.
I am easy to feed. I will eat your steak or the dead, rotten gopher I found in the field.
You will never be without a navigator in the truck. I will protect you from burglars, raccoons , badgers and that strange shadow in the corner of the house.
I will hog the bed and the couch. I will steal your sandwich, your chair, your boot and your heart.
You will never have to go to the bathroom alone. I will lick your face right after I eat the head of the rabbit I just killed in the yard.
I will sleep next to you when you are sick and heal you with my love.
I am a JACK RUSSELL. Respect me. Love me. But NEVER underestimate me.
Writen by one of my owners, Mark


Flatland Jack Russells breeds the Short Jack Russell Terrier also known as the Russell Terrier or Shortie Jack. We have been breeding these little dogs for many years. We breed for conformation of the Short Jack Russell Terrier. We also breed for good temperament and overall happy puppies. 

 Jack puppies are not just adorable they are great companions and wonderful pets.  Call for puppies available 575 631 5114. 

Fun in the Sun.


Loving our Gammy Camie.


 "A dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than he loves       himself"

 Josh Billings                          

Shorty Jack Russell Terriers come in many colors, shapes and sizes. I can not guarantee shape, ear set or color of my pups when they are grown. Jacks are as unique as snowflakes. That is part of their charm. No one will ever have a dog that looks just like yours. 

 We are proud members of the Hobbs Kennel Club.

 Please join us at our annual show at the Lea County Event Center.