Flat Land Jack Russells

Flatland Jack Russell 

Health Guarantee

As evidence that all our puppies are delivered in perfect health… 
Our Puppies are guaranteed for 14 days from date of purchase to be free of infectious diseases, and for ONE YEAR against any hereditary or genetic disorders.
Fourteen days is a generous period for infectious diseases, since any illness presenting itself thereafter would be from a later-contracted infection.
For your guarantee to be valid, you must have a veterinarian verify the good health of your puppy within 72 hours of receiving your puppy. Should a life-threatening illness thereafter present itself during the guarantee period, we will, at our option, either replace the puppy with a similar puppy from the same or a later litter from the same parents or refund the purchase price of the puppy upon its return, assuming that it is living. Should we do so, we shall be provided up to six months to provide the replacement puppy. In no event shall we be liable for any expenses in excess of the amount you paid for the puppy.
New owners should have their puppies examined by their veterinarian of your choosing as soon as possible. This is a good opportunity to establish a relationship with a veterinarian of your choosing and to design a continuing preventive health program for your puppy to ensure its long and healthy life. It is the new owner’s responsibility to maintain vaccinations and to obtain the remaining vaccine boosters including, without limitations, Rabies; Heart Worm; De-worming; Intestinal Parasites; Fleas; Etc.
Death injury or illness of your puppy which is caused by new owners failure to comply with the terms of this guarantee , or by lack of supervision, negligence, or situations out of my control once the puppy leaves our Ranch are not covered by this guarantee. Similarly not covered by this guarantee are, without limitation, trauma, theft, infectious diseases contracted more than 14 days after delivery of the puppy, any obesity related disease, etc. This guarantee is non-transferable.
We hope your new puppy brings you much joy as its parents 

have brought us!